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Lullabot often works on projects that have large numbers of static file assets in production, such as images or PDFs. Keeping a complete copy of those files for each environment is wasteful, since developers tend to only look at a small portion of a site locally. A solution is needed to reduce disk use and the time it takes to update an environment.


Drupal sites will use Stage File Proxy to automatically download files on-demand to each environment.


Custom code and update hooks may assume that a file is on disk, and not call the right methods to ensure that Stage File Proxy has a chance to download the image first. In those cases, the code is not using Drupal's API properly and should be treated as a bug to fix. #3145608: Include derivative links although the image doesn't exist (for compatibility with stage_file_proxy) in Consumer Image Styles has an example of the type of bug that may be surfaced.

Initial page loads may be slower as images are downloaded locally. Front-end performance testing should ensure that images have been loaded before any profiles are recorded.

Stage File Proxy does not support private files. If a site relies heavily on private file uploads, Stage File Proxy may not be appropriate. Very few Lullabot clients use private files, so this is unlikely to come up in practice.

Example Implementation

Place the following in settings.php for local, development, and continuous integration environments:


// Documentation for Stage File Proxy configuration options.
// @see
$config['stage_file_proxy.settings']['origin'] = '';
// Transfer the remote file to the local machine.
$config['stage_file_proxy.settings']['hotlink'] = FALSE;
// Request original image when using image styles.
$config['stage_file_proxy.settings']['use_imagecache_root'] = TRUE;

In early development, a production URL for assets may not exist. In that case, consider setting $config['stage_file_proxy.settings']['origin'] to an upstream development server.

$config['stage_file_proxy.settings']['hotlink'] is not recommended. If the image changes, is deleted, or the environment is unavailable, it can be tricky to determine if the problem is a bug in locally changed code or the remote server.

Sometimes sites inherited from other teams or companies do not have a consistent origin to serve from. In those cases, consider omitting the stage_file_proxy_origin setting, and configuring it in the UI by hand.

Andrew Berry, Chris Albrecht, Darren Petersen, Marcos Cano

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