DecisionConsistently name entity fields


Adopting a consistent set of rules when naming entities in Drupal can reduce errors and improve maintainability.


Use English when creating non-visitor-facing names. Adopt US-English spelling (e.g. "color" instead of "colour").

Try keeping visitor-facing labels and their corresponding machine names as similar as possible (ideally identical).

When naming fields, use one of the two formats below:

1- On non-reusable fields

Use the format field_{bundle}__{name}

  • For example: field_customer__logo or field_image__caption .
  • Use underscores _ to separate multi-word names ( field_news_pr__hero_image )
  • When necessary, abbreviate the field name, not the bundle.

2- On reusable (shared) fields,

Use the format field_{name}

  • For example: field_categories.


Drupal fields will gain uniformity by following a consistent set of naming guidelines.

Andrew Berry, Marcos Cano, Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Matthew Tift, Megh Plunkett, Nate Lampton

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