DecisionUse Type Tray to improve editorial UX


Drupal's editorial experience in the "Add Content" page is confusing out of the box, especially when the content model's complexity increases.

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While the greatest advantage is achieved on sites with a large number of content types, the module still improves the usability of the "Add Content" on smaller sites, allowing to group semantically similar content types together.


Drupal sites will use Type Tray to enhance the usability of the "Add Content" page. Developers, strategists, and product owners should work together to put in place categories that help the site's editors.

Additionally, it's highly recommended to:

  • create imagery (icons and thumbnails) to better represent each content type in a more visual manner.
  • produce relevant short / long descriptions that effectively help authors when getting familiar with the content types


A better experience for content editors when there are several content types on a site, and they need context about which content type to use.

Albert Hughes, Andrew Berry, Darren Petersen, Marcos Cano, Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Megh Plunkett

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