DecisionUse CSS Logical Properties


Decoupling styles from a language's writing direction makes them easier to maintain across translations.


We will use CSS Logical Properties when writing styles that have a directional word or connotation to them. For example, instead of writing margin-left, we will use margin-inline-start.

Enforcement & Automation

To help enforce this ADR, projects can utilize the stylelint-use-logical-spec plugin for stylelint, and can use the --fix flag to autofix errors detected for this ruleset.


Though rare, there may be cases where a specific directional term is needed or preferred. In these cases, stylelint can be disabled, or specific exceptions can be set on the plugin referenced above.


Styles will support any writing direction by default, which makes them easier to maintain and reduces content internationalization hurdles.

Styles will be less likely to have issues with specificity conflicts caused by localization overrides.

Adam Varn, Andrew Berry, Andy Blum, John Kaeser, Pauline Judge

Decided on