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    Using memory caches like Memcached or Redis in production but not in development environments can lead to bugs and confusion.

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    Service integrations that use personal accounts tie the function of the service with the person's engagement with the project.

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    Configuration should never be in an overridden state after configuration import(s) have been completed.

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    The software development industry is continuing to move to containers both for production and local environments. It's clear that the bulk of new investment in local tooling is going towards container-focused solutions. While containers themselves add some complexity to local environments, they also reduce variance in development environments for teams with multiple developers.

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    Lullabot often works on projects that have large numbers of static file assets in production, such as images or PDFs. Keeping a complete copy of those files for each environment is wasteful, since developers tend to only look at a small portion of a site locally. A solution is needed to reduce disk use and the time it takes to update an environment.